A Prayer.. About His Pray


I asked for strength….

And God gave me difficulties to make me strong

I asked for wisdom….

And God gave me problem to solve

I asked for prosperity….

And God gave me brains to work

I asked for courage….

And God gave me danger to overcome

I asked for love….

And God gave me trouble people to help

I asked for favors….

And God gave me opportunities


I received nothing that I wanted

I received everything that I needed

My prayer has been answered




denisrahadian dedicated to ‘Oci’;
there is always be you, here.. be my hope.
I love you not because of who you are,
but because who I’m when I’m with you


2 thoughts on “A Prayer.. About His Pray

  1. men… Oci sapa atuh…
    just wanna say to Oci…

    “ci… the man standing there keep watching and waiting for you… :D”

    what ta lucky girl…

    sukses bro…

  2. I wished she could hear You..

    Maybe we should shout out loudly,
    so she know that she was the lucky one…

    There so many wish…
    There so many pray..
    but there is only need one word to say!

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