Six Self Motivation Techniques

tangga langit

Six Self Motivation Techniques

  1. Find a true interest in what you are doing. If you have no interest at all, it might mean you need to do something else. On the other hand, if it’s just a task you dislike, relate it clearly in your mind to the greater goal.
  2. Create energy. You need some energy for self motivation. Caffeine may help for a while, if it doesn’t create other problems for you. You can also exercise and sleep well. Watch out for sugary foods – the “sugar blues” will kill your motivation.
  3. Talk your way to motivation. If the task itself is less inspiring, talk about the larger goals it will help you achieve.
  4. Stimulate desire. Imagining their potential future motivates many to sign up for get-rich-quick plans. Good salesmen can put you in your imagined dream home in minutes, and you’ll feel motivated to do anything to make it real. Why not learn to be your own salesman?
  5. Stimulate pain. Imagine any bad consequences that may occur if you don’t do what you need to do.
  6. Start with any small step. Training yourself to take any small step towards your goals is a great self motivation technique. Breaking larger goals down into small steps makes this even easier.

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5 thoughts on “Six Self Motivation Techniques

  1. Mantap banget, tangga langitnya !
    Ada makna yang mau disampaikan lewat gambar tersebut ?
    Ujung tangga menuju keatas atau malah jatuh kebawah ?

  2. Kesuksesan itu seperti anak-anak tangga, dia dilalui dengan bertahap dan bukan seperti layaknya eskalator..

    lalu,.. 50% dari kesuksesan itu sendiri ada pada perjuangan menggapainya dengan seluruh motivasi yang kita miliki..

    kemudian tentu saja, tangga itu menuju kepuncak karena perjalanan menuju kesuksesan itu mendaki dan meski terkadang jatuh sesaat akan tetap terus bangun dan berdiri menuju ke puncak.. kesuksesan.

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